Samy Alves

Hi, I'm Samy Alves

A first generation college graduate and a passionate web and print designer. I was born and raised in Brazil and my design style is directly connected to my roots. My goal as an artist is to create intentional work that can truly be a solution to my clients. My favorite color is yellow (but of course you couldn’t tell), and my biggest goal in design is to use my skills to ¬†help people in need.

wanna collaborate?

Developing websites, rebranding systems, and creating new brands are what I most love as a designer. My design choices are often inspired by my colorful and energetic latino people, and my art is a reflection of who I am. My willingness to learn has allowed me to improve my design solutions, communication skills and software techniques. I design for clients seeking bold, sophisticated, and out-of-the-box creations. I am always up for a new challenge and am ready to collaborate with other creative minds.