Nail Polish Bottle

nail polish bottle the project Through the study of ergonomics and three-dimen- sional design, I created a unisex nail polish bottle for individuals suffering with chronic hand pain, that is a unique solution for individuals seeking comfort, beau- ty and effortless. tools Clay Modeling SolidWorks Prototype3D Printing Laser Cut deliverables 1 Innovative Nail Polish Bottle […]

Typeface Posters

typeface posters the project This typography project aims to emphasize the versatility of the typefaces Futura and Courier. The designs are inspired on their history and are intentionally contrasting, where Futura displays a playful and modern approach, oppose to the formal Courier typeface. tools Adobe Ilustrator deliverables 1 Sans serif typeface poster1 Serif typeface poster […]

Sun Seekr

sun seekr weather app the project Sun Seekr is a weather app designed for sun enthusiasts and centers around the radiant personality of Sollaryo—the sun.  tools FigmaAdobe IlustratorHTML/CSSJavaScript deliverables 1 App Wireframe1 App Mockup1 Front-end coded app the process The app is designed for individuals who appreciate the sunlight but aren’t overly concerned about other […]

Gosu Bubble Tea

gosu bubble tea kiosk the project This project is a self-service kiosk design for a fictitious brand Gosu Bubble Tea. The kiosk was designed utilizing two distinct audiences in mind; new customers, who have never used my application before, and the returning customer.  tools FigmaAdobe IlustratorAdobe Photoshop deliverables 1 Kiosk Wireframe1 Brand Identity Package (logo […]

Universe Juice

universe juice the project Universe Juice is a non-profit organization devoted to reuniting individuals who have been involved in a traumatic event with their first responders.  tools FigmaAdobe IlustratorAdobe PhotoshopAdobe InDesign deliverables 1 Brand Identity Package (logo system and brand guidelines and collaterals)1 Website Wireframe1 Website Prototypes1 Live Website the process In collaboration with the […]

Studio Rainwater

studio rainwater the project As part of my 2023 internship at Studio Rainwater I was assigned to create easy-to-modify templates to assist the studio on updating their Instagram (@studio.rainwater). Aligned with the studio’s brand guidelines, I created illustrations and lockups, bringing a vibrant and diverse aesthetic into their Instagram posts.  tools FigmaAdobe IlustratorAdobe Photoshop deliverables […]

Joint Venture Capital

joint venture capital the project This project is a rebranding of the existing finance company Joint Venture Capital ( The outcomes of this rebrand encompass a comprehensive logo system, five mobile app prototypes, a compelling print advertisement, and engaging social media campaign. Utilizing a minimalist and modern approach, I aimed to create a visual identity […]


lussole marketing website the project Lussole is a fictional e-commerce site aiming to promote a physical product bought from a budget-friendly store. The brand identity was created to give this product a luxurious aesthetic and enhance the captivating aspects of Italian-crafted sunglasses. tools FigmaJavascriptHTML/CSSAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopPhotography deliverables 1 Packaging Design1 Desktop & Mobile Wireframe1 Website […]

Oceana Hard Seltzer

Oceana hard seltzer the project In this project, I created the integrative marketing campaign “Cheers to Nostalgia” for the fictitious brand Oceana Hard Seltzer, targeting millennials and Gen Z. Ensuring maximum engagement and reach, I developed 12 advertisement formats, ranging from a captivating video ad optimized for social media platforms to eye-catching banner ads envisioned […]

Butzig Football Club

butzig football club the project Butzig is a fictitious French women soccer team, inspired by Marie Louise Butzig who represented France in the first FIFA sanctioned women’s international. This brand emerged from the goal of changing the conventional perceptions of feminine colors, aiming to bridge the visual gap between women’s and men’s soccer teams. tools […]