Samy Alves

bloom minizine

the project

Bloom Minizine is an eight-page magazine designed for those with a passion for graphic design. This minizine features an original article, interview, creative/artistic piece, and a print advertisement for Johnson & Wales University.


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign


1 Cover Design
1 Creative Article
1 Creative Spread
1 Johnson & Wales Ad

design choices

Using my photography skills, typographic hierarchy, and digital imaging, each spread was designed based on my personal design aesthetic. The article spread has the purpose of teaching the reading how to create a digital collage, the interview spread presents my own graphic design journey, the creative piece showcases my image manipulation skills and the JWU advertisement closes the editorial piece.

the learning

Through this project I was able to dive deep into publication design, and to learned how to balance out concepts and styles in order to create a cohesive and appealing layout.