Samy Alves

butzig football club

the project

Butzig is a fictitious French women soccer team, inspired by Marie Louise Butzig who represented France in the first FIFA sanctioned women’s international. This brand emerged from the goal of changing the conventional perceptions of feminine colors, aiming to bridge the visual gap between women’s and men’s soccer teams.


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign


1 Logo System
1 Uniform
1 Vehicle Wrap
2 Social Media Ads
3 Print Collaterals

the approach

Aiming to represent France in an unconventional way, the brand’s logo draws inspiration from the iconic glass pyramids of the Louvre Museum, incorporaed with the beautiful blue and red colors found on the country’s flag. The inclusion of diagonal lines and asymmetrical gradient shapes in the brand collaterals were enviosioned to visually captivate my audience and also create a refined aesthetic for the overall brand identity.

the learning

Creating this brand from scratch allow me with a great understanding of branding and identity developemnt, emphasizing the importance of consistency across diverse products and channels within a cohesive brand system.