Samy Alves

gosu bubble tea kiosk

the project

This project is a self-service kiosk design for a fictitious brand Gosu Bubble Tea. The kiosk was designed utilizing two distinct audiences in mind; new customers, who have never used my application before, and the returning customer. 


Adobe Ilustrator
Adobe Photoshop


1 Kiosk Wireframe
1 Brand Identity Package (logo system and assets)
2 Figma Flows


the process

After conducting comparative analysis and assessing the weaknesses of bubble tea kiosks, my design aimed to have an easy-to-navigate design and an intuitive ordering experience for a better product usability. Also, to ensure the best user experience and content creation, I designed  two wireflows (new and returning user), to visualize  the ordering flow before continuing the interface design development.

Design choices

To create an appeling and modern visual identity, I created playful and minimalistic illustrations. Combined with the illustrations I also utilized original product photography to bring  a cohesive  and clean aesthetic to the overall brand identity.