Samy Alves

joint venture capital

the project

This project is a rebranding of the existing finance company Joint Venture Capital ( The outcomes of this rebrand encompass a comprehensive logo system, five mobile app prototypes, a compelling print advertisement, and engaging social media campaign. Utilizing a minimalist and modern approach, I aimed to create a visual identity that would communicate both the credibility and trust that Joint Venture Capital offers.


Adobe Ilustrator
Adobe Photoshop


1 Logo System Redesign
1 Print Ad
1 Social Media Ad
5 Mobile Screen Design

the approach

After conducting competitive analysis and carefully understanding the brand’s audience,  I created a simple but concise Linkedin advertisement and an eye-catching subway poster. To bring the financing aspect to the brand, I kept the color green but adjusted the shades to match the modern aesthetic. 

design choices

Combined to the color pallet I paired a serif font to bring the corporate feel, but also used flat vectorized icons to create a modern and minimalist appeal. Last, to illustrate the brand’s call to action I photographed and edited the pictures to make them cohesive to the rest of the brand elements.