Samy Alves

nail polish bottle

the project

Through the study of ergonomics and three-dimen- sional design, I created a unisex nail polish bottle for individuals suffering with chronic hand pain, that is a unique solution for individuals seeking comfort, beau- ty and effortless.


Clay Modeling

SolidWorks Prototype
3D Printing Laser Cut


1 Innovative Nail Polish Bottle

the process

My first step towards the development of this bottle was creating a clay modeling and labeling features I envisioned for the project. My user’s concerns were a painless opening, a holder so the personal manicure process would be easier, and an innovative bottle design.

the development

During the collaboration between the designers Jonathan Harris and Mathew Hartung, we were able to go through a few rounds of testing and solve issues such as usability, comfort and also aesthetic. Through weekly check-ins and multiple test prints we obtained a final printed version that can easily be adapted to be on the nail polish market.