Samy Alves

Oceana hard seltzer

the project

In this project, I created the integrative marketing campaign “Cheers to Nostalgia” for the fictitious brand Oceana Hard Seltzer, targeting millennials and Gen Z. Ensuring maximum engagement and reach, I developed 12 advertisement formats, ranging from a captivating video ad optimized for social media platforms to eye-catching banner ads envisioned to be strategically placed across high-traffic websites.


Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
After Effects


1 Packaging Design
1 Video Ad (watch here)
1 Radio Ad
1 Google Ad
1 Billboard Ad
1 Outdoor Ad
2 Social Media Ads
2 Website Banner Ads
3 Magazine Ads




the approach

I tailored my approach to meet the preferences of my target audience and successfully capture their attention, by sparking interest in purchasing the products.Through research, I discovered that nostalgia is a trend within my audience. Consequently, I designed the packaging based on childhood flavors, aiming to evoke memories from their past.

design choices

To maintain cohesion across the ads, I utilized the brand’s color palette, paired a beautiful sans-serif font with a script font, and incorporated original photography to visually appeal to the advertising products.