Samy Alves

studio rainwater

the project

As part of my 2023 internship at Studio Rainwater I was assigned to create easy-to-modify templates to assist the studio on updating their Instagram (@studio.rainwater). Aligned with the studio’s brand guidelines, I created illustrations and lockups, bringing a vibrant and diverse aesthetic into their Instagram posts. 


Adobe Ilustrator
Adobe Photoshop


1 Instagram Posts Template Package (40 assets) 

11 Instagram Posts (completed)

the process

The studio’s biggest need was to implement a system where they could effortlessly design captivating Instagram graphics without investing an excessive amount of time in the creative process. Having this in mind, me and the Art Director worked closely on creating templates that would be used on various posts categories, such as case studies, events, awards, ‘meet the team’, etc. 

the approach

To create the templates and illustrations I followed their detailed brand guidelines, where I utilized their colors, typography and brand elements, ensuring cohesive and captivating social media posts.