Samy Alves

typeface posters

the project

This typography project aims to emphasize the versatility of the typefaces Futura and Courier. The designs are inspired on their history and are intentionally contrasting, where Futura displays a playful and modern approach, oppose to the formal Courier typeface.


Adobe Ilustrator


1 Sans serif typeface poster
1 Serif typeface poster

futura poster

The Futura poster, focuses on geometric shapes and bright colors, in alignment with the typeface’s history and usage. My vision for this poster was to create a bold and ener- getic piece that would showcase the versatility and play- fulness of the typeface Futura.

courier poster

Inspired by the typeface’s history I aimed to cre- ate a modern poster that could portray the vin- tage aesthetics of antique typewriters, and the old print world. Utilizing a neutral color pallete and flat vector illustrations, the poster is a cre- ative typographic piece that showcases the de- signer, year of creation, typography anatomy and full alphabet letters