Samy Alves

universe juice

the project

Universe Juice is a non-profit organization devoted to reuniting individuals who have been involved in a traumatic event with their first responders. 


Adobe Ilustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign


1 Brand Identity Package (logo system and brand guidelines and collaterals)
1 Website Wireframe
1 Website Prototypes
1 Live Website

the process

In collaboration with the designer Liz Virian, and utilizing an in-progress brand identity, the outcomes for this project was to deliver a live website and final brand guidelines. During the wireframe concept presentation my version was chosen, which we used as the base to create the 10-page web prototype that was later applied to Squarespace. 

design choices

My approach to the design concept was a con- temporary minimalistic design that would bal- ance both the feelings of comfort and profes- sionalism. The circle shapes were chosen to lean the audience towards feelings of community and social aspects of life.